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Sunday, June 16, 2013

She rose to His Requirement

A Rose for Emily Project 


She rose to His Requirement—dropt
The Playthings of Her Life
To take the honorable Work
Of Woman, and of Wife—

If ought She missed in Her new Day,
Of Amplitude, or Awe—
Or first Prospective—Or the Gold
In using, wear away,

It lay unmentioned—as the Sea
Develop Pearl, and Weed,
But only to Himself—be known
The Fathoms they abide—

Those little items are dedicated to Emily Dickinson's grave. What are messages hidden in those objects? What story do you imagine?

Got an inspiration? You are welcome to leave your observation, imagination, and/ or random thoughts through the comment section. There is no right or wrong in interpenetrating those objects.

Photos taken June 6, 2013

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