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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Rose for Emily

This is a humble opening post of "A Rose for Emily Project."

I live close to a poetess Emily Dickinson's final resting place in Amherst, Massachusetts. After observing how little offerings to Emily rotate day by day, decoding messages hidden in those little traces became my daily routine. Why do people leave those specific objects to signal their presence to Emily?

That's how her grave looks like!

No matter how random those objects appear to be, I find joy in imagining hidden stories or just savor its surrealistic quirkiness.

Are you curious what those offerings look like? Visit my blog post: Emily Dickinson's Grave, Amherst.

Are you ready to dive in? Here you are: "Heaven" has different Signs—to me.

Oh, where did I get the title "A Rose for Emily"?


Location of Emily Dickinson's Grave: Google Map

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