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Friday, August 31, 2012

Abandoned in Montreal II - Silo No. 5

This is the king of silo, period.

As I mentioned in the previous post about abandoned structures along the Lachine Canal, this 14.5 km long canal opened in 1825 used to be a bustling hub of industry and transportation until the opening of the St Laurence seaway in the late 50's.

Refereed as the "bread basket of the world", Canada was the major source of grains just after WWII.  The major beneficiaries of the export were European nations whose agricultural industry was left with little recovery.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Montreal cityscape III - Montrealers in summertime

Summer on Sunday means Tam-tams! At Mt Royal Park, Montealers and tourists gather to join this wild assemblage of human beings. The rhythm of drums and percussion draws people's psyche into this festive, chaotic, and primitive atmosphere that any enforcers of city ordinances would have no idea where he/ she should begin to regain, or say, create "order" from scratch.

Kid A: "Daddy, what's the funky-skunky-tobacco-like-smell?"

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Abandoned in Montreal I - Lachine canal

The Lachine Canal is a riverway goes through the southeast of Montreal. Connecting St Laurence River and Lake St Louis, this 14.5 km canal began its operation in 1825. Through the several extensions and a deepening, it became the transportation artery and attracted various forms of industry and manufacturing.

Crane Ltd.: a plumbing company. This used to be a part of an iron plant built in 1918. (Source: Crane Plumbing Co.)