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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Montreal cityscape III - Montrealers in summertime

Summer on Sunday means Tam-tams! At Mt Royal Park, Montealers and tourists gather to join this wild assemblage of human beings. The rhythm of drums and percussion draws people's psyche into this festive, chaotic, and primitive atmosphere that any enforcers of city ordinances would have no idea where he/ she should begin to regain, or say, create "order" from scratch.

Kid A: "Daddy, what's the funky-skunky-tobacco-like-smell?"

I came to the park at 6pm, thinking the crowd must have died down already.... But look! It's still going on strong. The crowd for the tam-tam party is still way too packed. Let's just sit back look around the park.

This fighting game has a particular name, and I've known this activity for years. But I still have no idea what's called! If you go earlier, you'll see hundreds of them fighting in two groups.

Some got bored with styrofoam gears and go for a real sword duel.

A Hare Krishnan goes solo.

There are markets filled with frisbees, tight ropes, hokey sacks, balls, bracelets, dresses, bags, rugs, caps, T-shirts, necklaces, rings, and other kinds of trinkets imaginable.

What's interesting is that every age and social groups use the space in their ways. I use the terms "wild", "chaotic", and "unsupervised" to describe the atmosphere.

It's like you are swallowed into Bruegel's Children's Games. The space even  grown-ups show a child-like devotion to their businesses.

But the most important thing is just sit back with your friends and enjoy summer!

Locate Mt Royal Park @ Google Map

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