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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Abandoned in Montreal I - Lachine canal

The Lachine Canal is a riverway goes through the southeast of Montreal. Connecting St Laurence River and Lake St Louis, this 14.5 km canal began its operation in 1825. Through the several extensions and a deepening, it became the transportation artery and attracted various forms of industry and manufacturing.

Crane Ltd.: a plumbing company. This used to be a part of an iron plant built in 1918. (Source: Crane Plumbing Co.)

Congoleum Canada Ltd.:  a jute flooring company. Operation began around 1920 until 1969. (Source)

Grain Silo: there are so many of them along the canal. The majority is abandoned, but surprisingly, some are still operating!

The opening of the seaway in the late 50's meant the canal was no longer compatible with economies of scale of the era. The Lachine Canal was closed in 1970 and many factories and grain silos along the canal were left abandoned.

In last 10 years, the canal made a great comeback to the landscape of the city. But what the canal attracted is not commercial ships or smokestacks. On a long summer days, Montrealers enjoy pedaling along the path or kayaking on the canal. Oh, don't forget the Atwater Market by the canal. They serve excellent berries and pastries that blows you mind away. It's ok to eat decadently after exercising, right?

Locate Lachine Canal @ Google Map


  1. I must go there again!
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  5. As the owners of 3810 St. Patrick, (Crane #17) and involved in a lawsuit at 3770 St. Patrick because we 'did damages' and as amateur historians who sued to obtain the oldest building on the canal (5010 St. Patrick) which has the last turbine in the basement, to preserve and make a museum out of it,
    I invite you to get in touch. We know a bit of the history of this area, especially the Crane Complex that you mentioned. Your photo shows Crane #8 if memory served. Crane # 2 burned down in June 2011... :-(