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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Onomichi Landscape: Commercial Space

Plumber shop

Onomichi is a small seaside town in southeast Hiroshima. Yasujiro Ozu shoot ending scenes of Tokyo Story in Onomichi. I want to introduce this fascinating, quaint town with a web of narrow, steep, winding paths to you. I've been this town countless times, and each time I find new aspects that I didn't see from the previous visit.

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Today, I'll show you some commercial spaces in Onomichi. All those photos evokes nostalgic sense to Japanese folks even he/ she didn't grow up in the mid 20th century. While the space represents our shared sense of the past, this is not a Potemkin facade like some amusement parks!

 Toy store display window
Toy Store Detail: it might not be totally politically correct, but this is the cutest wall paper!

 Interior of cafe converted from public bath: red letters tell not to waste water
Cafe detail

 Onomich Archade Detail
Onomichi Arcade


  1. i like the not wasting water sign! :) there should be more of those....

    1. Don't you see such signs in Holland? Definitely not in the US.