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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sugarloaf St Cemetery, South Deerfield

There are so many stories, emotions in such a tiny gravestone.

In memory of a Son and a daughter of Mr Azariah and Mrs Mercy Cooley, who was born March 22nd, 1796 and died the same day.

Locate Sugarloaf St Cemetery @ Google Map


  1. finally an update! :)
    i like such old graves, although this is very sad, ofcourse. i do think older graves often have more details on them than newer, yet newer graves often have more emotion on them, or so it seems.

  2. Hi CaT!

    A mini update before the final madness kicks in...

    The words are very simple and descriptive but evokes so much about the sadness of the loss. The Cooleys have other tombstones around, many are for their infant children.