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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quonset Hut, Newton

A Quonset Hut is always in an unexpected place. The first one I came across is an abandoned hut in my neighborhood which used to store Emerson Iron Lungs. The Iron Lung might look like the horrifying symbol of Polio, but it helped saving countless children and adults from the acute paralysis of respiration muscle. Without an Iron Lung, no breathing was possible.

A first impression always sets your mental picture in a certain way; despite a Quonset Hut was closely related to the oversea militarily deployment during WWII, for me it is always hinged with post war American landscape. I am interested in seeing how such military surplus like this was converted into a part of everyday American life.

So where is this Quonset Hut? What is the current use of this structure?

I guess it's the Quonset Redesign type. 

This Quonset Hut is in Newton Campus of Boston College. It seems to be converted into a gym for students. I heard the noise of treadmill and noticed a ponytail flipping up and down from a tiny window.

Well, it looks like a happy second life for this Quonset Hut.

Locate Quonset Hut @ Google Map

Quonset Hut -- Metal living for a modern age by Julie Decker and Chris Chiei


  1. haha, thats funny!
    i never heard of such a hut.... just read your older post and wikipedia...

    1. The Quonset Hut was originally manufactured in Quonset Point, RI...Hey they are New Englander!

      If you happen to go to Alaska, you may come across with them a lot.