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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A greeting from Shuko K.

Dear Readers,

I'm changing my blog title from Creepy-chusetts, Strange-chusetts to The Reversed View of Massachusetts!

The new URL will be: It'll be great if you could add this new address to your bookmark or whatever way you keep your things. Anyway, I'll be arranging to automatically relocate from Creepychusetts to here once I settle in this location well.

The essence of the blog will be the same, but I'd like to focus on more about people who were/ are associated with the places I investigate. I'll explain the meaning of this enigmatic title under new blog. However, in next few month the number of posts I publish will be less than it used to be. It's just temporary. A lot of things are happening, I wish I can investigate those places all day long!

Recently I went to Bridgewater to investigate the Bridgewater State Hospital Cemetery to find one specific gravestone. I wanted to connect a story of one patient and a nameless grave stone. I'll post my findings shortly in The Reversed View of Massachusetts, but until then, here's the sneak peak:

Aren't they something?

Shuko K.

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