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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Echo Bridge, Newton-Needham

Echo Bridge is a part of the Sudbury Aqueduct. The aqueduct connects the Sudbury Reservoir in Framingham and  the Chestnut Hill Reservoir by Boston College. The linear distance between the two is about 20 miles. The construction of the Echo Bridge finished in 1876, and the aqueduct began operating in 1878 . The Sudbury aqueduct was active until 1978 and currently utilized as a backup waterway. This well maintained, beautiful bridge is currently open to public as a part of  Hemlock Gorge Reservation.

An oncoming car slowed down, sorry I must have looked like a cop with a speed gun

Starting from the mid 19th century to 1930's, four aqueducts -- the Chochichuate, Sudbury, Wachusett, and Quabbin Aqueducts -- were constructed to supply water to the Metropolitan Boston area. Only the latter two are still in use.

Echo Bridge aqueduct crosses Hemlock Gorge part of the Charles. I wonder whether the information becomes handy to you in the future, but the gorge splits the town of Needham and Newton; the Echo Bridge spans over the two towns. The valley is surrounded with Hemlock tree, hence the name, and from a first look, it looks very serene. However, the bridge is in the vicinity of the beltway (I-95) and a busy commuter road (Route 9), and the sound of traffic is consistently heard from those roads.

What is this mysterious, cappuccino-like foam on the river? I must say I'm bit concerned with the water quality. The bubbles are formed because the water has been stirred up by the man-made water fall nearby. I assume the fall was used to power weaving machines in the old mill, which currently converted to an office and shop space.

I forgot to explain it to you: why is this bridge named "Echo Bridge"? If you position yourself like the below photo and shout, your voice echos. Rather simple naming...Did I try? No, I was alone and bit embarrassed to try. I know I should have...Well, report me the result of your "yo-ho".

Shall we go up to the bridge?

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