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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hood Milk Bottle, Boston

Somewhat oxymoron, but it's a familiar oddity in Boston.

You already know about that? Well, I wanted to try my brand-new polarizer filter out. If you don't know, good!

Located by the Boston Children's Museum, the giant milk bottle is an obvious favorite of happy children and parents alike. This 40 ft (12m) tall giant milk bottle was built in 1930 by the Hood milk company. I thought the structure is made of aluminum but actually, it's wooden. The bottle had moved here in 1977, two years before the museum relocated to the current location. I've been thinking the milk bottle was installed with the museum, because it looks so, how should I put it, kid-friendly.

Currently Au Bon Pain, another Massachusetts based company, resides in the bottle.

Locate the Hood Milk Bottle @ Google Map

Weird Massachusetts by Jeff Belanger

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