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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fort Revere, Hull

(Pictures taken: Aug. 2010)

Winter is still going on. I realized I've been taking nothing but pictures with the sun. People tell you escaping from the reality is bad, but who cares; and now for something completely different...Something from summer 2010.

Situated at the tip point of the Hull Peninsula, Fort Revere sits on the area called Telegraph Hill. The fort was built sometimes around in 1775. Prior to this, a warning beacon had elected for the foreign attacks.

Brewster Islands
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From the fort, you can see Breswer Islands. Located on the outer Boston Harbor, the Boston Light on Little Brewster Island was elected in 1716 as the first lighthouse in North America.

Boston Light, Little Brewster Island

Like WPA towers in Boston area, the fort might have functioned as a watch out station for the German U-boats during WWII. Fort Revere was dismantled in 1947 and now functions as a public park and unofficial gallery for the local delinquents armed with spray paints.

Locate Fort Revere @ Google Map

Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands by Christopher Klein

 Kid, promise with grandpa. Don't smoke and spray paint marijuana.

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