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Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's "the reversed view"?

I understood everything. Stupidly, I again experienced that cognitive sickness, "the loss of the semicircular canal". Since I lost my way in the mountain, I had been losing the sense of direction. I thought I went down to the opposite direction, but in reality, I came back to U town again. I usually go downtown from the railway station, but this time I came from the totally different direction. I experienced another universe in the forth dimension (the reversed view) where every direction -- up, down, north, south, east, west, forward, back, right, left -- is reversed. I viewed the town with an upside-down compass, creating the opposite impression of the town. 
-- from Cat Town by Sakutaro Hagiwara, translated by Shuko

Cat Town (Neko machi, 猫町) is a short story written by a poet Sakutaro Hagiwara in the early 20th century. "I", a morphine addict, lost his way in the mountain and discovered a beautiful town. But as soon as he noticed the ethereal surface of the town, everyone turned, cat, cat !! When he realized he wandered into the town from the opposite direction with a reversed view, the town went back to normal, rather boring one again.

Was it hallucination or real ? It doesn't matter; he did see people turned into cats.

I'd like to introduce some of the photographs I took with the sense of "the reversed view" or 「景色の裏側」 if I say in Japanese.


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