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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Washington Tower @ Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge

Looking at Bigelow Chapel from the tower

Named after the first president, Washington Tower is situated at a hill on Mt Auburn Cemetery. This not-creepy-at-all cemetery was founded in 1831, and the 62ft (19m) tall tower was completed in 1854, taking two years of stacking the Quincy granite. 

The tower is the best place in Boston metropolitan area to see leaves changing color; it's free, nice, quiet, and damn close. Why reserve a hotel room in Vermont months 'n years ahead? (Well, because we can visit Ben & Jerry's factory.)  Here are the views from the tower over three month, recording how the leaves change color:

August 30

October 13

October 22

October 29

I hope someone with acrophobia or my friend who missed visiting Boston this autumn enjoy the view. Season's  greetings from me:

Happy Halloween!

Locate Washington Tower @ Google Map


  1. I think it becomes "acrophobia" when it's up high. And yes, I enjoy the view.